To promote the well-being and development of persons with Multiple Sclerosis in Barbados by harnessing their abilities and experiences so that the membership can advocate for their rights, provide support and effect change.

MS Barbados Vision & Objectives.

Our Vision.

Every person with Multiple Sclerosis has access to services and support that helps them to manage the challenges that they face.

Our Objectives.

1. To create a forum through which persons with Multiple Sclerosis can come together, share ideas and promote self-help.
2. To create opportunities for the further education of persons with Multiple Sclerosis.
3. To act as a resource centre for persons with Multiple Sclerosis.
4. To identify and lobby for benefits to persons with Multiple Sclerosis.
5. To sensitise and educate the general public about the condition Multiple Sclerosis.

Support those with MS.

MS Fighter connects those with MS to a supportive community of individuals who understand their struggles and are there to offer support and guidance.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Barbados

» Ms Terry Hope, President.
» Information about the Organisation and its board members here >>



Parking for persons with disabilities is a must!

Public accommodations in Barbados like businesses that are open to the general public, government offices, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, banks, parking garages, and many others must provide accessible parking spots that are larger than other parking spaces and close to entrances.

Anyone living with mobility disability understands how much extra space they need to safely enter and exit a vehicle. … It removes the risk of tight manoeuvring and therefore the potential for damaging others’ vehicles.

Designating accessible parking is achievable and is considered a top priority because it enables many people with disabilities to “get in the door.”


 You can make a one off donation or a monthly donation to us. Whatever you can afford to give will be accepted with joy by us and will go a long way in helping us reach our goals.


With your help, we can help people living with multiple sclerosis face their challenges and retain their dreams. How? Simple, organise an event like a walkathon, a 5K marathon, a bicycle ride, a golf or tennis tournament or even a horserace!


Why not volunteer your time to help us raise funds or simply spend some time with those who have MS to give them a sense of encouragement. 

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